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DAA Coaching class

We are the best institute DAA in Greater Noida. In this Training Module we will discuss basic approach of designing algorithm and its analysis (DAA). We will cover Asymptotic notations, Different programming approaches like Greedy Approach, Dynamic Approach, Backtracking, Branch and Bound and Randomized Algorithm. We provide best training on DAA. This course module designed for Students of B. Tech, MCA and M.Tech.


Introduction :

Algorithms, Analyzing algorithms, Complexity of algorithms, Growth 8 of functions, Performance measurements, Sorting and order Statistics – Shell sort, Quick sort, Merge sort, Heap sort, Comparison of sorting algorithms, Sorting in linear time.

Advanced Data Structures:

Red-Black trees, B – trees, Binomial Heaps, Fibonacci 8 Heaps.


Divide and Conquer

with examples such as Sorting, Matrix Multiplication, Convex 8 hull and Searching.

Greedy methods

with examples such as Optimal Reliability Allocation, Knapsack, Minimum Spanning trees – Prim’s and Kruskal’s algorithms, Single source shortest paths – Dijkstra’s and Bellman Ford algorithms.


Dynamic programming

with examples such as Knapsack. 8 All pair shortest paths – Warshal’s and Floyd’s algorithms, Resource allocation problem.

Backtracking, Branch and Bound                                   

with examples such as Travelling Salesman Problem, Graph Coloring, n-Queen Problem, Hamiltonian Cycles and Sum of subsets.


Selected Topics:

Algebraic Computation, Fast Fourier Transform, String Matching, 8 Theory of NP-completeness, Approximation algorithms and Randomized algorithms.


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DAA coaching classes in Greater Noida.

DAA institute in Greater Noida for college student.

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DAA Coaching In Greater Noida
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  1. Got the easiest way to understand the most typical subject.. You make the long typical algorithms of DAA easy to understand n learn as well… Thnq sir

  2. I was not understand anything in DAA before join and learn in nitin singhal classes greater noida, now I feel like DAA is very easy and simple ,
    Thanku nitin sir.

  3. sir you are the best trainer of daa. in greater noida.
    i have learnt c in your class and must say that you you are best teacher for daa.

  4. Best coaching centre for DAA in greater Noida.
    To get satisfaction about this subject you are best.
    And your teammates are best sir.

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