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c programming classes in greater noida

C Programming :

We are the best coaching centre for C programming language classes in Greater Noida.

This Training course is intended for beginners, intermediate level and all those who want to learn about C Programming. A systematic approach will be followed from start to end of this course.

Most of the concepts of ANSI and TURBO ‘C’ language are explained in detail with programming.

The objective of course is not only to teach you about developing but get familiarizes with System Level programming.

A very simple and easy approach is used to understanding the various concept of C programming.


We expect that the learner should try their level best to learn the program by executing them. We also believe that programming expertise is achieved by the practice and experience.


Additional With This Course –

                               Technical Aptitude based on ‘C’ language


Many of the software companies conduct Technical Aptitude Tests based on ‘C’ programming in their recruitment process.

C language questions are frequently asked in technical interview also.

The questions asked in technical interview are tricky and it tests the depth knowledge of syntax of C programming, logics and debugging ability.

Here, we will discuss all these things in detail.


Course content of CLanguage :

  • Introduction to C Programming
  • Introduction to compiler , Linker, loader, Interpreter
  • Constants,
  • Variables and Data types
  • Operators in C
  • Decision making and looping
  • Arrays and String
  • User defined function and Pointer
  • Structures and Unions
  • Pre-processer
  • File Management
  • Introduction to Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Data Structure Using C


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C programming in Greater Noida for school and college student.

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C programming in Greater Noida
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  1. I ll say Nitin Singhal classes is one of the Best C programming classes in greater noida.
    Thank you very much Nitin sir.

  2. Thank You Nitin Sir, to teach me C programming.
    The way you r teaching is so simple. It helps me a lot to learn new programming language..

  3. I must say nitin Singhal is the best trainer of c… Thank you so much sir.. I’m completely satisfied with your way of teaching

  4. Best coaching center in greater noida … Easily understand the basics of programming language… Thnq sir for teaching me c programming. You cleared all of the concept of c programming so nicely…

  5. sir you are the best trainer of c.. in greater noida.
    i have learnt c in your class and must say that you you are best teacher for c.

  6. Best coaching centre in greater Noida for c…
    At first nitin Singhal classes is an inspiring workplace and you feel energised.
    Thanks sir.

  7. Sir I would like to give thanks you .
    For teaching me c.
    Unless I will failed in c.. in my semester exam .
    It is best coaching centre for c.. in greater Noida

  8. This is the place where you can actually learn the programming instead of boring and useless theory. If anyone really wanna crack an technical interview, my suggestion is Nitin Singhal classes for best preparation. C programming is the base for all programming languages so we need to have cleared concepts of that and so we should carefully choose our trainer and someone suggested me for Mirorsoft Technologies (Nitin Singhal classes) and yes, I am totally satisfied with Mr. Nitin Singhal. Thank you sir..

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