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Automata Coaching Classes In Greater Noida

Automata Coaching Institute
Looking for Automata classes in Greater Noida. Automata is a very interesting subject. This forms the basic of understanding compiler design. this is one of the most important subject for the purpose of GATE and other exams.

We provide best Automata Coaching Classes in Greater Noida.

The course designed by our expert trainers as per the Industry needs.

In this course we provide complete coverage of different topics like Finite Automata, Regular Language, Regular Grammar, PDA, Turing Machine etc.

We provide you a certification of ‘Automata’ of our Training Institute i.e. Mirorsoft Technologies after your successful completion of the course, and also help you to prepare for authorized certifications.

We also provide syllabus oriented Data Structure training to university students from the field of  B.tech, BCA, Bsc.(I.T.), BE(IT/Computer-Science), M.tech,MCA.

Topics covered in this course:





Alphabets, Strings and Languages; Automata and Grammars, Deterministic finite Automata (DFA)-Formal Definition, Simplified notation: State transition graph, Transition table, Language of DFA, Nondeterministic finite Automata (NFA), NFA with epsilon transition, Language of NFA, Equi valence of NFA and DFA, Minimization of Finite Automata, Distinguishing one string from other, Myhill-Nerode Theorem


Regular expression (RE) , Definition, Operators of regular expression and their precedence, Algebraic laws for Regular expressions, Kleen’s Theorem, Regular expression to FA, DFA to Regular expression, Arden Theorem, Non Regular Languages, Pumping Lemma for regular Languages . Application of Pumping Lemma, Closure properties of Regular Languages, Decision properties of Regular Languages, FA with output: Moore and Mealy machine, Equivalence of Moore and Mealy Machine, Applications and Limitation of FA




Context free grammar (CFG) and Context Free Languages (CFL): Definition, Examples, Derivation , Derivation trees, Ambiguity in Grammar, Inherent ambiguity, Ambiguous to Unambiguous CFG, Useless symbols, Simplification of CFGs, Normal forms for CFGs: CNF and GNF, Closure proper ties of CFLs, Decision Properties of CFLs: Emptiness, Finiteness and Membership, Pumping lemma for CFLs.




Push Down Automata (PDA): Description and definition, Instantaneous Description, Language of PDA, Acceptance by Final state, Acceptance by empty stack, Deterministic PDA, Equivalence of PDA and CFG, CFG to PDA and PDA to CFG, Two stack PDA




Turing machines (TM): Basic model, definition and representation, Instantaneous Description, Language acceptance by TM, Variants of Turing Machine, TM as Computerof Integer functions, Universal TM, Church’s Thesis, Recursive and recursively enumerable languages, Halting problem, Introduction to Undecidability, Undecidable problems about TMs. Post correspondence problem (PCP), Modified PCP, Introduction to recursive function theory





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Automata Coaching Classes In Greater Noida

Automata tuition Classes and institute In Greater Noida

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Automata Coaching
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  1. sir you are the best trainer of automata. in greater noida.
    i have learnt c in your class and must say that you you are best teacher for automata.

  2. This is the best coaching centre for automata.
    Specially for new student.
    And also for those student who are weak in automata

  3. At first nitin Singhal classes is an inspiring workplace and you feel energised.
    And this is best for automata….

  4. You are the best teacher for automata.
    And nitin Singhal classes is best in greater Noida
    Thanks you so much sir.

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